Journey To Breakthrough Week 1!

DAY 1 IS HERE! It's time to start this path to break through 
Here is WEEK 1 Story Template!
Lets Review the "Daily Rules:"
Run/ Walk 10 minutes: start at your own pace. Try walking for 30 seconds, jogging for 30 seconds, and repeat. As time goes on you will be a PRO!
Drink half your body weight in oz: Seems like a lot but this is the minimum of wheat you body needs to function at its BEST!! Trust us, you will need it as you become more active.
To find out this you take your body weight, 165 lbs divide by 2 and you get 82.5 and that is how many ounces of water you should drink daily.
45 Minute Workout: seems like a long time, but believe me when you are having fun it will fly by. Helps when you have a great playlist to listen to (check our SP HYPE Playlist:
ALSO don't you worry you don't even have to think about what workout you are doing, WE GOT YOU! We will have an EBOOK for you with all those amazing details!
If you got questions about that look to your accountability group and they will help you out! or Email
Progress Picture: sounds easy right? because it is! Take a photo of yourself! No fancy filters or lighting just YOU. Do a front, side and back. Make sure it is in the same spot every time so you can really see your amazing progress you are making so it stays consistent!
Let's get this ball rolling!
Always remember WHY you clicked that button to start this Journey! *put it on a dang sticky note if you want too* HELPS ME! ☺️

Things to look forward to this week! 

  • 2 Women's stories will be released via IGTV & Blog 
  • Ebook #1 Will be released tomorrow, to help guide you with your workouts & running training!
  • 5 Tips to Financial Freedom is coming this week as well!

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