Let's Talk Sex Drive ūüôą

Let's talk about sex... Yes,SEX!

We all know about it, and some of us love it while others aren't too sure. Let's talk about it so we can all LOVE it!!


Why do I have a low sex drive?


There are many reasons why your sex drive could be suffering. Sometimes it's just the aging process, or it could be your overall health. Having medical conditions (Diabetes, high blood pressure, testosterone/ estrogen deficiency, and obesity are a few that can put a damper on sexy time.) 

Another big struggle for many is stress and anxiety, which can hinder your sexual desire and performance.


How do I get my sex drive back?


1. Manage Your Stress

This is a BIG one. We all live crazy lives between being an adult with work, some of us have kids, husbands or boyfriends, our social lives & more. As we get older, we have way more responsibilities bringing more and more stress. Trying to balance our obligations can make our lives feel crazy, and sex becomes the last thing we think on our minds. 

If this is, you try a couple of these to ease the anxiety. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Try meditating or breathing exercises. Look at your significant stressors and make some modifications, plan, or prep to take some pressure off. 


2. Get To Know You & your body! 

A lot of us women don't know what it feels like to climax. Well, here is the key... practice makes perfect, and only YOU know what you like. You just have to take time to discover what it is that you want. Explore your body alone. This can be so empowering and freeing. Having a partner can be great. And I mean great, but what's even better is knowing exactly what gets you the "O." This takes off so much stress going into sex because you know your body works just right, and it can help you lead your partner to make you feel good all night.

What comes with getting to know yourself is more than just getting to know your body. It's getting to know your mind. Start falling in love with the way you think, journal more, take time to just talk to yourself. This will help you have less intrusive thoughts and fewer insecurities. Know you are a Queen!!


3. Better Your Lifestyle 

GET MORE SLEEP. It's is one of the essential factors amongst many that will help. Practice a cleaner diet, try exercising at least three times a week, cut down on any drug and alcohol. Many of these actions can increase your libido, enhance your mood & boost your energy!


4. Up The Foreplay!

Foreplay, it's so underrated, and I'm trying to figure out why?? There should always be time for play. It's one easy way to get closer to your partner and get soooo turned on. 

It can easily be "sexting" your partner throughout the day till you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. WHY?? please tell me why we stopped making out with our partners? Just have a sexy make-out session!! Kissing releases a cocktail of chemicals in the brain. This cocktail is oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, making you feel euphoric and encourages feelings of affection and bonding. It will have you feeling so much more mentally connected to your partner you will only want to get more and more physical. 


5. Try Ignite

If you plan on adding any supplementation to help aid your low libido, try Ignite.

Ignite was designed to help women balance their hormones while reignited their sexual flame. Let me break it down for you. 

The Ingredients That Will Help Balance Your Hormones...

DIM ( Diindolylmethane): Beneficial for the metabolism of estrogen in men and women. Helping maintain healthy hormonal balance no matter your age. 

The Ingredients That Just Make You Feel Good...

Vitamin D: Reduces depression, immune-boosting, boost weight loss, 

Vitamin C: Helps manage blood pressure, reduces iron deficiency, boost immunity, improves memory, 

Vitamin E: Immunity boosting, supports skin & eyes.

Biotin:  Supports skin, hair, nail, eyes & nervous system 


The Ingredients That Boost Libido...

Epimedium( Horny Goat Weed): 

Maca Root: Enhance libido, relieve symptoms of menopause, helps increase fertility in men & women, 

Mucuna Pruriens: Enhance libido, increase focus, helps the body produce dopamine

 Try out Ignite!

We hope all of these tips help you get your sexy back!! Sending you all the positive vibes and love!