Healthy Fat Loss

Have you ever just felt like your goals were unattainable? No matter what you try, you can't lose that stubborn fat?

Many of us are in the same boat! We want to lose weight, and we want it to happen fast, sometimes we even put ourselves through hell, crazy diets, or workouts to make that happen, and for what to gain the weight back? Or even reach some of our goals but now feel afraid to enjoy life because the fear of gaining the weight back haunts you?

Today we are here to help break down fat loss in a healthy, sustainable way while giving you tips along the way. These tips will be something that you can learn now and apply at any time in your life.


What does healthy weight loss look like? We would say it's a beautiful journey over trying new things, getting to know how your body works, and not rushing anything. But let's break it down even further!

Diet can be one of the most important tools to achieving our weight loss goals. Sometimes this topic can sound stressful or complicated, but we are here to tell you it is not! Build confidence in your diet. Start seeing food as fuel to help your body and not as the enemy keeping you from your goals. Many of us need the right food to reach our goals correctly, and that's the fun part.

Now how can my diet keep me from losing weight? Here are a couple of ways for you to breakdown what area you can fix.


Overeating: This is one the most people know. Here's how to look at it. Our bodies naturally burn X amount of calories daily at rest—our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). If we eat that many calories, we break even. If we eat more, then we are at a calorie surplus. A surplus can cause us to gain weight unless we add more activities to burn more calories to even it out. The tip is to know your BMR this way; you can be more aware walking into your diet.

Not Eating Enough: Did you know when you aren't getting enough food to support your body, it starts to store more fat? Your body strives on three macronutrients, Carbs, Fats & proteins, that make up calories in our food. These three macros or calories provide your body energy, amongst many other things! If you aren't giving your body the right amount of calories daily, your body starts to function at a new BMR to sustain Starvation mode. This results in our body store more fat... It's our body's way of survival mode.

Lack of Awareness: Sometimes, we eat "healthy" we look at labels that scream health to us but really, they are loaded with sugar and sodium. We have to be even more aware when we have goals to accomplish. Here's a big one, look at what you're drinking. Sometimes, coffee in the morning is loaded with sugar, and those syrups are not our weight loss friends. Tip, keep a journal as a food diary with you to track all your meals for a week or two. This way, you can see if you are getting enough food or overeating! Plus, you'll be able to see what could be keeping you from your goals!

Stop Following Fads:  You know the worst thing you could do to yourself? Follow a diet that wasn't built for you. This can damage your metabolism in the long term. Find that fits for you. If someone says they lost 30lbs in a month on Keto, that's amazing, but that is them. We can't always assume we will have the same results. Ditch the fad diets and know how your body functions, and make adjustments that are just for you. 


Now we all know working out helps when it comes to losing fat, but it can also be just as overwhelming as the diet part! Here are the best things to remember when training for fat loss.

Consistency Is Our Best Friend: We must stay consistent to see any actual results! If we try a new diet or a new workout plan but keep up with it about 60% of the time, you'll only see 60% of the results. You want 100%, then put in and stick to it 100%! Tip: Make things attainable, don't start with something that is already far-fetched. If you never EVER wake up at 5 AM don't set that as your new running time. But if you do walk your dog at 4:30 PM then work your run at that time. The same goes for your diet; find the things you love to eat that fit your goals while slowly incorporating new foods, don't just jump straight to kale and beets. Build your goals into your life. This way, you can set yourself up for success. This will breed consistency and less fear of failure. 

Don't Over Do it: Sometimes, we start our weight loss journey and go from 0-100! our body can't keep up with that more extensive change. When our bodies are so overworked, we can't properly recover. This can lead to short and long-term injuries that can pull us from our goals for awhile. Ease yourself into this new journey and trust the process. Nothing good ever comes from rushing. 

Enjoy Yourself: Starting your weight loss journey isn't just about new diets and workouts. It's about turning this into your lifestyle! Make it fun and make it you! Tip: If you LOVE to dance, then try Zumba as your cardio. Always find the things that fit you that make this journey more fun!



This is a beautiful journey! Learn to enjoy the process; we hope this information & tips help you along the way!

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