Why Sleep Is Crucial For Our Goals

Do you find yourself feeling groggy, tired, and unmotivated? Also feeling weak, bloated, and further away from your goals?

Well, did you ever think that your body is trying to tell your something? Something like you need more SLEEP!

We focus a lot on training our bodies and what we put in our bodies that sometimes we forget to focus on the small things, like our sleep patterns. Just like diet and training, sleeping is another crucial pillar of health.

Sleep Facts:

  • Poor Sleep Leads to Weight Gain/ Diminish Metabolism 
  • Good Sleep Aids Brain Function 
  • Poor Sleep Can Increases Chances Of Health Issues 
  • Good Sleep Can Improve Physical Performance 
  • Poor Sleep Can Lead to Anxiety & Depression 
  • Good Sleep Strengthens Immunity 

Why do we forget about sleep so easily? Maybe because we know we have to do it, but we never seem to prioritize it. 

Working, training, and reaching our goals are all things we do when we are awake, so why focus on sleep? Sleep takes us away from goals, right? NO! Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives and what we are trying to achieve next, we start wondering how little sleep can we get away with. 

Sleep is just as important as achieving anything in life and needs to be focused on just as much! Here are a few tips on getting better sleep every night.


Tips To Get Better Sleep! 

  1. Get A Night Routine. Every night create a space for you to wind down. Maybe it's after you have dinner, after the kids go to bed, start getting ready to sleep. Wash your face, read a book, listen to soft music, or any activity that signals your body to relax. Try and get this to be done at the same time every day. Build consistency!
  2. Watch What You Drink. Caffeine or alcohol too close to bed can change how adequate your sleep is. Caffeine takes 6-8 hours to wear off, so be mindful of how close you drink it before bed; it might just keep you laying in bed starring at the ceiling. On the other hand, alcohol can make you feel tired and put your right to bed, but it affects your sleep quality, making you wake up feeling tired and groggy the following day.
  3. Put The Phone Down. Many of us love to scroll on social media before bed as a routine. Not knowing the blue light that glows from our phones suppresses our body's natural way of producing melatonin, where melatonin is an essential hormone for our sleep.
  4. Get Outside Though Out The Day. Expose yourself to more natural light during the day. Sunlight helps keep your bodies way of tracking time on point. If you work in a dark room or are surrounded by artificial light all day, your body might feel off-track time-wise, and your body will have a more challenging time knowing it's night.
  5. Get Cozy.  Make your bedroom a cozy space that has you feeling relaxed and ready to slumber. Get bedding that makes your want to snuggle up, rid your room of excess light that can distract you, keep it clean and fresh so that you never feel uncomfortable walking into your cozy space! 

Try a few of these tips to start prioritizing your sleep and watch as your body and mind become less exhausted and more focused. We hope these help you along your journey to a healthy life!